Sensible Sukkah | Lulav Stand
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Sensible Lulav Stand.

taking the frum world by the storm.

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The “Sensible Lulav Stand” is a simple, yet innovative product designed to protect your Lulav – in or out of the bag – even if you don’t have a good corner to store it in.


This product was designed to address the common problem of Lulavim falling-and often getting damaged- in Shul, before and after their use.


This patent-pending product was engineered to once and for all eliminate this problem in an economical and effective- and yes, a sensible, way.


People spend so much time and money to find that perfectly kosher Lulav, yet once they get to Shul and don’t have a good, safe place to store it.

order your sensible lulav stand today.