Sensible Sukkah | FAQs
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frequently asked questions.

Top quality, lightweight PVC material
is highly resistant to wind and water
looks like new after years of use
tape, glue and other common adhesives are easy to remove

all interlocking components are custom designed aluminum
all steel components are made of no rust, stainless steel

Easy Assembly
Comprised of easy to use, interlocking rails, pickets and custom made corner rails

Section and Flexibility
All PVC available in white or wood grain colors
8 foot tall standard
Sukkah size is easy to modify at any time
All parts are easy to interchange or replace
Can be fitted with doors and plexiglass windows, all placed according to customer preference

Price and Service
Competitive pricing
Prompt delivery, including on custom orders, is available to customers in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area
Sensible Sukkah fully stands behind their products

4 Grant Ave.
Lakewood, NJ 08701