Sensible Sukkah | Assembly Instructions
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Assembly Instructionsassembly instructions.

Understanding your Simply Sensible Sukkah’s components.

Extension Post
Aluminium Tube
Stainless Steel Clevis Pins
Aluminium Tube Cover
Door Frame
Window frame / Window


1. Start build your Simply Sensible Sukkah by placing a picket in a corner post  groove side down.
2. Place Aluminum Tube in corner post, on top of picket. Insert clevis pin thru post and tube to lock in place.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on opposite end of picket.
4. Place Tube cover on tube and drop 2nd picket into place on top of tube cover.
5. Repeat steps 1,2 & 4 for all walls and door frame, completing perimeter of Sukkah.
6. Place another 2 pickets into all walls.
7. Place Aluminum Tubes, on top of pickets. Insert clevis pin thru posts and tubes to lock in place.  Put on tube cover.
8. Place additional 4 pickets in each wall section, insert window, and complete with top aluminium tube.
9. Place door on hinges.


Your Simply Sensible Sukkah is complete!

4 Grant Ave.
Lakewood, NJ 08701