Sensible Sukkah | About Us
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about us.

In 2009, Yossi Rothenberg, a Lakewood, New Jersey Information Technology specialist, set upon obtaining a sukkah for his growing family. After carefully studying the market, Yossi was convinced that there was much untapped innovation in the timeless mitzvah.

Combining his creativity and determination, Yossi set about constructing his own sukkah. Having analyzed the construction of PVC fencing, he chose the ultra-practical, durable material as fodder for his new invention. Following weeks of experimentation and workmanship, Yossi completed his own aesthetically pleasing, lightweight PVC “Sensible Sukkah” that boasted incredible ease of assembly, storage and care. Word of the breakthrough sukkah spread quickly throughout the Lakewood community and beyond and Yossi worked arduously to fill orders in time for Succos 5770.

Following the sukkah’s successful debut, Yossi spent the following winter and spring perfecting his masterpiece. The result is a professional sukkah line that accommodates consumers’ individual color, size and style preferences, and is defined by innovation and practicality down to the last detail.

As Sensible Sukkah celebrated its first anniversary, the popular invention became available for purchase and delivery to discerning consumers across the New York metropolitan area.

4 Grant Ave.
Lakewood, NJ 08701